Can we delete past non-working days at the account level with no impact?

We set non-working days at the account level and update them each year with holidays and closures. I'm wondering if we can safely delete past non-working days, such as 2022 holidays, with no impact to any schedules that have 2022 dates in them.

The Smartsheet help page says that sheets "inherit" the non-working days from the account-level. I would think that means that the account non-working days gets copied into a new sheet when it's created, so there is no ongoing connection between the sheet and the account-level non-working days, but I'd like to confirm that before deleting anything.


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    Hi Chris,

    I would highly recommend not deleting the dates. I was testing this and found it actually changed some dates on my projects that are over a year, as now it thinks that holidays are working days. I would recommend removing them after all projects for a year are completed, but if your company is like mine, we have 3 - 4 year projects, so it can look a little messy for a while.

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  • I asked the same question of our Customer Success Manager and she said that the account-level non-working days are copied to new sheets when they're created. There is no ongoing connection between sheet-level and account-level non-working days. After hearing that I did my own testing, by deleting a few non-working days at the account level and found that they were NOT deleted from sheet-level non-working days.