Automation workflow not triggered when changing columns in sheet

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Dear smart Smartsheet users, I have a question regarding an automation flow that does not work.

 I have a sheet called “submit timesheets” containing the following 4 columns. ID, Employee email, Calendar Year, Month. I created a form where users could indicate which timesheet they would like to submit.

 I also have a sheet called “timesheet details”. The important columns are “status” and “submit”. The submit column is a checkbox.

 When the timesheets for a month are created the value of the status column is set to “created”. A user will then validate the records in the sheet and make the necessary adjustments. Once they are ready they will then submit the timesheet via the “submit timesheet” form.

 Once the submission is performed the “Submit” column in “timesheet details” sheet will become TRUE if the record in the sheet has a “created” status, and the employee email, calendar year, and month are equal to the last record in the “submit timesheet” sheet. This all works great, no problem thanks to other articles I read on the forum.

 I then have an automation workflow that should update the status field in the “timesheet details” sheet to “checked” when the “submit” column is updated to TRUE. For some reason, this update does not happen.

I do understand that once the status is changed to "checked", the "submit" field becomes false again. That is what i would like to achieve.

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