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Bridge: Google Translate with support for array translation


I was doing work for one of our clients where I hit a system / feature limit:

Task: Translate 500 rows of text in a sheet into another language and write back in another column within the same sheet.

Limitation: Google Translate module can't accept an array as input. For this reason, the translation task has to be split into multiple calls to Google Translate (in a child workflow) and either assemble the results into an array later and doing a bulk update row (by jumping through hoops because this is not natively supported by Bridge) or write each row as it gets translated and have a delay between each write to prevent hitting the rate limit. In my experience, each execution of the child workflow (to translate one row and update Smartsheet) takes around 15 seconds. To update 500 rows = 125 minutes

The surprising thing is that Google Translate module always outputs an Array[1], no matter what input is given to it.

So here is the feature request:

  • Google Translate should accept an Array[n] as input and provide an Array[n] as output
  • The character limit for Google Translate should be increased from 128 characters in a single call to match the limit of the String: Compose Text module, or at least a reasonably large number
  • Smartsheet module for bulk row update should be made available to lessen the burden on the workflows



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