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Hi, I have created formula =COUNTIF({JanError23}; "Error 03"). I have about 200 Errors per month that I have to count to see how many errors of each came in for the year of 2023. What can I do not to change the Error on each line from Error 1 then Error 2 by hand.

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    It looks like when you are inputting the error code within the formula you have a two digit number:

    Error 01

    Error 02

    Error 03

    but when you enter the error code into the Error column you have only single digit numbers:

    Error 1

    Error 2

    Error 3

    The formula will only count exact matches. So if your data in JanError23 contains Error 03 then you need to put Error 03 into the Error column.

    could that be the issue?


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