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Have a group become the owner of a workspace or sheet


1- System currently only allows a single account as the owner of any item in Smartsheet.

2- This prevents a team, multiple users to have visibility of anything in a shared workspace (i.e. Sales, Logistics, Ops, IT, HR, etc.) needed for general collaboration. Private workspace can be owned by a single individual.


1- Adding owner as a dropdown value for a group object inserted as a collaborator in a workspace, sheet, etc. Allows for better team collaboration on general purpose "shared" workspaces which artifacts belong to a team or department and not a single individual.

2- Allows designated system admins to transfer ownership of inactive personnel to an authorized group of people instead of a single person.

3- Aligns with the standard security practices for platform or application management of all enterprises (i.e. Directory services - Azure, AWS, Google, etc.) 😉

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