Check a checkbox based on the condition of other checkbox


Hi folks,

I have a column with checkboxes.

Some of the checkboxes are set by a if condition selecting data inside the row where the checkbox is located using @row. This works perfectly as it should.

But I also need a way to check a checkbox depending on the condition of the checkboxes in the rows after this checkbox.

Something like "If a checkbox in row 31,32,33,... is set, then check the checkbox in row 30".

It would also suffice if something like "If checkbox in row 31 is set, then check checkbox in row 30, too" would work.

I have already done some experimenting with various if-clauses - some with a simple check if the value of the checkbox in question is <>"" or some if clauses with the ISBLANK or ISNOTBLANK conditions. But the best thing I managed was, that the checkbox was set one time to the correct value and if the corresponding box changed, the condition wasn't changed to the correct state.

I would assume this isn't possible, because the conditions are only verified on load, but the other if-clauses work like charm and even saving and reloading the sheet doesn't change the value of the checkbox in question.

Can someone please shed some light on this?


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