Merging two emails - what happens to alerts under old email?

I struggle when trying to merge users when people get married, change their name and get a new email address. Here's what I plan to do at this time - question at the end.

Add “Name/Email #2” as a Smartsheet user & grant a #2 license

#2 receives an email/invite to accept license

#2 creates a password / accepts license

Remove license from “Name/Email #1” and transfer all owned items to #2.

In the future, the user logs in as #2.

#2 adds a secondary email address (#1) under her Personal Settings / Manage Email Addresses

In the future, she logs in as #2.

QUESTION: What happens to any automation rules that were previously set up, i.e., alert #1 when something is added to a sheet. Who will receive this alert going forward?  #2, #1, Nobody?




  • Julie Fortney
    Julie Fortney Overachievers

    Fortunately, there is a much easier way to do this. You can go to User Management, then enter the Edit User panel. Add their new email in the Alternate Emails tab, then set it as Primary. Keeping the old email in the Alternate Emails ensures anything previously shared with that email address will still be linked to their account.

  • Mary Farmer
    Mary Farmer ✭✭✭✭
    edited 01/31/24

    @Julie Fortney - Thanks for your response. Will her license appear under the (old) email address or the new primary email address? Adding a secondary email address is part of the steps I've mentioned in my post. Thanks.

  • Julie Fortney
    Julie Fortney Overachievers

    Her license should show up in the new primary email address once you mark it as primary.