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liz_alvarez ✭✭✭
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I have noticed that the emails that come to me through the automation I have set up is not highlighting the comments, but I have seen that before. Is there some sort of setting that I am missing?


  • Monique Odom-Stearn
    Monique Odom-Stearn ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hello @liz_alvarez,

    It could be a few things here. First, I would suggest going into the activity log to determine exactly what field(s) were updated. Once you know this information, you can start to determine where there may be a break. Perhaps a comment was added but no field was edited, or perhaps the field that was updated is not a field that is shown in the notification email.

    If you narrow down what was updated but are not able to determine the issue, can you share what field what updated and should be highlighted in the email?

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  • liz_alvarez
    liz_alvarez ✭✭✭

    Here is an example: A comment was added this morning, but it is not highlighted on the automated email. I could have sworn that those were highlighted before, and if not, it would be helpful if they were.