Can Smartsheet have cross project dependencies?

I have a need to show dependencies between different projects. The only dependencies help documentation I can find is related to dependencies within a single project. Is there a way to log/tag dependencies across multiple projects?


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    I add 4 columns see snip below.

    I recommend using the column description too so you can explain why and how to use these.

    For the Interdependency: Check this column if a task (line item) has a dependency on a specific project/team or if you know other projects/teams (including your own), have a dependency on a task's completion. Please add project/team name to Interdependent Project/Team Field

    For the project / Team (I add in a dropdown here to make sure we can track to other projects and or teams) This field should be used to capture which Project/Team is dependent on a specific task (line item) or if a task is dependent on another Project/Team. If you have more than one interdependent Project/Team, please create a new task (line item).

    For the Description: Please add any details around the interdependency and If you are dependent on a specific initiative, please call it out here.

    For the Date: This is the expected Due Date for when the interdependency will be realized. 

    Example 1: Use the "Finish" date from the Finish column if others are dependent on you

    Example 2: Link the "Finish" date from the dependent project plan

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  • I appreciate the work around information. I was hoping they had a way to make it a bit less manual tracking (like linking between projects).

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