Conditional Formatting - Dates in the past


I want to add a conditional format on a column holding dates that will highlight those dates which are over three years ago.

I thought I would be able to pick "is not in the last (days)" and enter 1095, however it only shows "is in the last (days)"

For now I have had to add two conditions:

"is in the past"


"is less than 01/11/20"

But this would mean I would have to regularly update the conditions in the formatting to amend the date it is looking at, which is not ideal as I actually have several columns that require the same conditions.

I use to use excel and the conditional formatting on there would allow me to format based on a date and a formula...for instance "is less than [todays date]-1095" but I can't seem to get my head around the conditional formatting on Smartsheet to do the same....if anyone has any ideas I would be very grateful


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