Is there a way to make part of a workspace public?

I am not sure if this is possible, but want to see if it is or isn't! I have 8 team members. They each have their own workspace, where they add new sheets to act as a new project. These sheets/ projects are private to themselves, however, on the team dashboard, we are able to see the title of everyones sheets, status of the project, and so on. Only my boss and I are able to click into the sheets and have full access to the projects. My boss just let me know that he would like for there to be a way where everyone on the team can click into everyones projects. NOTE* within everyones workspaces, there is a personal project section, and a basic project section. The projects in the "project section" are what he wants to be visible to the team, not the personal projects. Is there a way to do this? To just make part of a workspace public? Is there maybe a way to have those sheets automatically populate a different folder or workspace that is completely public to the team? Any input would be appreciated!


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    I think there's a few different ways this could be achieved depending on the level of visibility needed. One way could be to just share the "project section" sheets at the sheet level to the whole team. To make it easier at the start of setting up new sheets, I would have everyone create contact groups, so that it's as easy as sharing the sheet to the group:

    Sharing just the sheet (assuming individuals won't have access to workspaces at large), these sheets will show up in the "Sheets"" folder. So, having options to click into projects using a dashboard as a sort of landing page could prove beneficial for ease of access.

    Additionally, depending on your add-ons, you may be able to set something up that suits your needs using WorkApps or by setting up different views in Dynamic View:

    Hope this helps!:)

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    Hi @Alicia D

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    If you have access to WorkApps or Dynamic View, they could be great solutions to make it work easily.

    Would that work/help?

    I hope that helps!

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    Hi Alicia,

    Creating a public workspace is not functionality I am aware of, but here are some options for you:

    1. Each PM has a workspace for basic projects and personal projects. The Basic Project workspaces would be accessible to everyone. I'd recommend creating a group for this in your User Admin to make this easier. Here's a link for how to do that:
    2. Basic Projects can all go into one workspace that is shared with everyone and each PM can have their own workspace for Personal projects. Again using a group permission set for the Basic Projects workspace.
    3. If you are on Enterprise, WorkApps could potentially be leveraged here as well.

    Hope this helps!

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