Building a quiz with Smartsheet

Hi, I'm building a quiz of 100 questions for 20 students and I want 25 questions out of the 100 to be randomly selected for each student.

Is there a way I can go about the random selection? Thank you.


  • Ric T
    Ric T ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Sisey, cool idea, but to my knowledge there isn't a randomize function for Smartsheet without the help of a third party software. A bit of an overkill, but you could:

    1. create 20 forms, one for each student
    2. if you have conditional logic for your forms, you can create a field where when they enter their name (or another unique identifier like their student number), the 25 random questions will appear. You'll need to use a third party website ( or app to generate the 25 questions before building your 20 forms.

    It's a long-winded approach, but it can be done!



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