Can I get Unique values on a metric sheet without a complicated work around or report?

I have a column with associate names, over 3,000 rows with over 100 unique names. In order to provide dashboards, I need a dynamic list of unique names listed in that column on a sheet I use to build our KPI metrics. Easy in excel or any other dashboarding tool I use, is this now possible in Smartsheet without using the complicated helper column workaround?

There are well over 100 associates, frequent turnover, and I can not ask the business unit to maintain an active roster when they already have to in 3 other systems. Because of the the limitations reports have when using graphs with more complexity than a simple count, I can't use a report. Once I help build the dashboard I will be passing it off to the business unit and not involved with any maintenance or QA, so I would prefer to avoid complicated workarounds if at all possible.

Has this functionality been added through either native column formulas or workflows?


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