Workflow to Move ROWs - Row Limit on Destination Sheet

Christine Cao
Christine Cao ✭✭✭
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Hello Community,

I have set up a workflow to MOVE (duplicate) rows to another destination sheet because I'm not aware of a workflow to "DELETE" the duplicate row.

First question - am I correct that there's NO workflow function to "DELETE" a row? Only option is to MOVE the duplicate ROW to another sheet. This is working however the destination sheet appears to have a limit of 4000 rows and once max it reached, the workflow cannot run, which I'm not even notified. I have to check manually and switch out the destination every few weeks. This is such a pain.

Is there a better solution? Thank you


  • MichaelTCA
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    Hello @Christine Cao

    Yes, you are correct that there is no Delete Row automation. Clear Cells would be the closest to deleting data without moving it to another location. I do not recommend trying the Clear Cells automation to delete mass amounts of data. It can get messed up quickly.

    If you don't mind me asking, why is there a limit of 4000?

    You should be able to use up to 20,000 rows, as long as you don't pass the maximum amount of cells.

    I use a similar setup to archive data. That way we can still maintain reports and use the logs as planned and clean as possible. I created multiple sheets for archives and set up the automation to have multiple condition paths.

    For example, if the archive is based on the year, the condition will say what year is required to be sent to that sheet. I'll set up 5-6 archived logs and check back in a year or two.

  • Christine Cao


    Hi Michael, Thank you for your response. Apologize for delay as I've been out.

    I stated the max of 4000 because when the workflow stopped, I checked the sheet and it had about 4000 rows. And the error stated it reached it max on that sheet. My new sheet is coming close to 4000 again so I will check to see if the it stops at that number again and let you know. I hope it can got to 20,000. That will give some more time.

    But from the looks of things, there's no way around other than swapping out sheets once the current reaches it max. I don't need to keep the archive data as it's just duplicate info so the swap is easy to do but it's just a manual step that requires monitoring.

  • Charlene Stacy
    Charlene Stacy ✭✭✭✭✭

    While 20,000 is the limit you would only be allowed 25 columns, see the snip from Smartsheet. Based on hitting a 4000 limit, you must have 125 columns on your sheet. I was just caught off guard on this one myself, while I knew the information, I don't access the sheet all the time so I did not realize we were on the verge of hitting the max.

  • Christine Cao

    @Charlene Stacy Thank you for this additional info. Good to know as I was not aware.