Is there a way to put a timeframe on when a filter works?

I am trying to create a filter in a report where is removes any tasks that are complete. Is it possible to set a filter so that it removes any tasks that are complete after they have been complete for 1 month? Or do they have to filter immediately?



  • Alywilk
    Alywilk ✭✭

    Hi Alicia-

    The filters are for changing what is being viewed but don't change the actual sheet. You can set up your filter to not show if in the past # of days but not for over that amount

    However, to accomplish what you are asking if you are wanting them removed from the sheet permanently, you could set up an automation. As long as you have some sort of way to mark when tasks are complete you can have that as a trigger to move the row.

    Ifyou are wanting the trigger to happen after the project has been done for one month, you'll need to add a "date completed" column to your sheet. You can set up a separate automation to record the date in that column when the project is complete. Then to remove the row from your sheet you'll do a "when a date is reached" from the date completed column and select "on" and choose something like 4 weeks after or 30 days after. So your item will be removed from your sheet when it is completed and reaches that point.

    If you are not wanting your project removed to another sheet and just want a way to filter it out, i would still suggest adding an additional column for "date completed" but as I described above, it wont work exactly as you are wanting above.

  • @Alywilk thank you for your response! This is very helpful. My report is currently from multiple sheets, but it is only pulling the main parent row from each sheet to display in the report. See below:

    I don't really want this row to be deleted. I just want it not to show up in the report after X amount of days.

  • Alywilk
    Alywilk ✭✭

    The report is just going to show the information from the sheets it is pulling from, you can't have it be removed (or make it not show up) unless it has been removed from the original source or you manually unselect which columns appear. If you are not wanting to delete/move it from your source sheet, then it is going to stay on your report sheet.

  • @Alywilk understood, thank you for the information!