Team Assignment Report Help

Hello All, longtime user of Smartsheets for work - first time poster seeking help.

I am search for a solution in creating a report to show all of the assigned tasks from a Smartsheet that outlines all of the Classes our Org is holding for Staff this year as sorted by assigned Training Staff. Those Training Staff are assigned in 4 columns (Trainer, Coordinator, Support A, and Support B). The first column is the Task (or Class). There are additional details like type of class and dates and things but I do not think that is causing the snag. I have created 4 separate reports to show each roles assigned tasks but can not figure out how to sort it by contact list or rather person to create one team roster report regardless of which of the 4 roles the Staff is assigned to. I would appreciate any and all feedback or direction that you might be able to provide to me as I am still very new in using this platform. Eager to learn - Avery