Index(Match()) Returning incorrect row

Hello! I'm hoping to get some help in finding an error in my index(match()) formula. I'm trying to pull a contact name for a customer from one sheet into another based on the customer name.

The original sheet has customer name and contact email; the sheet I'm trying to fill in has customer name and I'd just want to fill it in with contact email using index(match()). When I separate out the index() part of the formula, it works perfectly. I can see the customer listed on row 597, so my formula is =INDEX({Customer Tracking Sheet Contact}, 597), which returns the correct contact person.


Customer listed (twice) on customer tracking sheet - rows 597 & 598. The contact person is the same on both rows.

Now, when I try the match() portion of the formula by itself, that seems to be where the issue is located, my formula here is =MATCH(District@row, {Customer Tracking Sheet Customer Name}), which in this case, returns the number 5, indicating row 5, which is not the correct customer.

Not the customer that matches in row 5 (we know this should be 597):

My full formula is =INDEX({Customer Tracking Sheet Contact}, MATCH(District@row, {Customer Tracking Sheet Customer Name}))

Any thoughts on how I can fix this so the match portion works correctly? Thanks in advance!


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    Can you try adding a ,0 at the end of your MATCH

    =INDEX({Customer Tracking Sheet Contact}, MATCH(District@row, {Customer Tracking Sheet Customer Name},0))

    This will force an exact match.


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