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Date Dropdown/Format Fix

When using Dynamic View and limiting the column value to date only, the input cell shows "DD/MM/YY". When choosing a day from the date dropdown there are no issues, the format appears to be DD/MM/YY. Although, when manually inputting anything more than 12 in the "DD" as soon as I enter the "/" its breaking. Same with the "MM", anything more than 31 its breaking. The only reason I'm manually inputting is because it would take me very long to go back in years, as it seems I don't have that option in the date dropdown.

I'm mentioning 2 issues here:

  1. When using the date dropdown, I cannot go back in years.
  2. When manually inputting date, the format only accepts MM/DD/YY. (I tested it and the system reads it as DD/MM/YY afterwards)

I'm proposing 2 solutions:

  1. Date dropdown filtering year as well as month
  2. When manually inputting, either change the format to DD/MM/YY as it already states when untouched, or change the preview as MM/DD/YY to make things clearer.

I have attached images that show:

  1. The date format preview
  2. An entry when chosen from date dropdown
  3. An entry when manually inputted DD/MM/YY (Does not allow to Save)
  4. An entry when manually inputted MM/DD/YY (Does allow me to Save)

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  • spauliszyn
    spauliszyn ✭✭✭

    Dates have always been problematic in Smartsheet. Even though they have limited date formatting in grid view, everything is default to the backwards style. This is probably a low priority for the developers by very high to my ASD brain ;P