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remove the "upgrade your membership" message


Please remove the "upgrade your membership" message from the enterprise version of Smartsheet. Or, allow it to be optional, so Admins can remove it. As Admins, this creates more work for us. Users who do not need licenses request upgrades because they think they "need" to as a result of the message. This creates a lot of confusion for our users, churn for our Admins, and also results in deploying licenses that are not needed. Click-bait like this should not be present in an enterprise software tool.

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  • sheetsmartsarah
    sheetsmartsarah ✭✭✭✭

    Thanks for posting this idea @msharpy !! Would up vote 100 times if I could.

    For anyone in the Mobilizer group, I have a thread on the topic if you want to chime in (linked below)

    @Smartsheet Product Managers (or whoever monitors these ideas)-- please check out my post and consider the scope of impact this is having across your users. I know the marketing intent was to probably boost your accounts, but it's hurtful not helpful.

    Can we turn off the "upgrade" banner on my unlicensed user accounts? — Smartsheet Community

    Thank you for prioritizing it accordingly!

  • YES! Please remove it! The only "loophole" I've found is how you as a system admin can control where they go once they click that button. However that is NOT the right way to go about this. I agree 100% with everything that has been said here and in the mobilizer community page. It creates confusion and makes unlicensed users feel as though they "need" a license. We have to give WAY too many licenses to folks that never create sheets, or do other things that require a license.

    Also, as someone that does't have the banner but sees it when helping my colleagues, it looks very gimmicky. It's as if it's trying to be shoved in the user's face 24/7 that they are on a "free version" and they need to "pay to unlock" more levels or something.

    Stacy Gumula

    Associate Director | Texas Tech University |

  • Agree with the other comments on here, this banner needs to be removed

  • Julie Becker
    Julie Becker ✭✭✭✭✭

    The worst part of all this, is for users who are working with smaller monitors or laptops (under 21"), as it makes it very difficult to see their sheets when this banner takes up a good 1/2" of visible space on the site. I have to tell the users all the time, stay around 80% View Size (zoom views), then depending on their browser settings, use the FULL SCREEN on both the Browser (F11) and the program (CTRL + F1) to remove the extra BS so they can focus on the content more.

    Although this is a quick solution, this shouldn't have to be their daily checklist before starting in the program all so that Smartsheets can push their agenda to users who have no power to make the decisions necessary to remove it. It only causes more work for us SA's who are already fighting other battles that are unnecessary on this program.

    Please either remove it for paid accounts, or put the option in the Admin section to tick it off.....

    Julie Becker

    Construction Project Engineer / Coordinator &

    Smartsheet Program Oversight Mgr.😉

  • lanita.harless106241
    edited 02/13/24

    On multiple occasions, I've sent a link to a Smartsheet workspace or sheet only to get an email back with an attached Excel containing the updates because the user "saw a banner notification that they didn't have the ability to edit the live sheet" as they were not a licensed user. I then have to review their email or Excel and manually update Smartsheet. Pre-banner, I loved looping in new users because they got to test out the application and eventually wanted a license to create their own sheets/workflows. It seems like the banner has the opposite impact for users unfamiliar with Smartsheet and it's causing my team more work.

  • Agreed, we have an Enterprise Account and are in regular contact with our Smartsheet Account representative to ensure we have the licenses needed to support effective utilization of this tool. Posting a marketing message to our unlicensed users causes confusion for users and a lack of trust amongst administrators and executives.

  • Christos
    Christos ✭✭✭
    edited 02/21/24

    I agree with the comments on this subject.

    Not only does this marketing practice degrade the appeared quality of the SmartSheet product. It is seen by most users as a sign of a cheap or low-grade product that does not have customer interests at its heart. In fact, our users think that for a software company to resort to such desperate marketing tactics there must be something wrong with their leadership - e.g.: "a company trying to "trick" unwary users into thinking that they need to purchase a license for product functionality that we already $ub$cribe to and have". Our users think that is a self-destructive form a business practices. This is now the #1 thing that all users and customers know SmartSheet for representing.

    I think that Budweiser has recently proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, just how unwise it is for a customer-based business to listen to moronic Marketing people and their unsound, hair-brained ideas.

    Let's do a simple analysis.

    1) Ignore the voice of your customers and do something that your customers overwhelmingly hate and despise your company for?

    2) Listen to the voice of your customers and do things that keep them loyal? E.g.: listen to those "people" who influence the purchasing, payment, and recommendation of your product.

    I vote for #2. Anyone else?

    This statement is very true among our SmartSheet user-base, "Posting a marketing message to our unlicensed users causes confusion for users and a lack of trust amongst administrators and executives."

  • Agreed. Smartsheet spams us constantly. To the point that I've blocked any and all non-system mechanisms for sending emails. It's inexcusible.

  • I have to agree with the many comments on this thread regarding the unnecessary Upgrade License banner that appears for unlicensed users. The banner is a constant cause of questions from users who don't need or have that control in our Enterprise Account. It would save Smartsheet System Admins from a lot of unnecessary explanations if this could be turned off using an Admin Center setting.