How to create template dashboard and summary grids with formulas?/ Is it possible?

edited 02/08/24 in Smartsheet Basics

I need to create a set of templates that are personalized to our needs. The needs are the following:

- We have a template that is pre-set with column names that is populated by us. 

1. From this template after it is populated I need to create a summary template in a grid containing formulas. 

2. From this Summary template I need to create a template dashboard that visualizes the information in the summary template grid. 

I seem to be unable to find information on: 

- how to build a summary grid template containing formulas. Each time I save the grid as a template the formulas disappear.

- how to build a dashboard template connected to the summary 

Can you please advise if this is possible and where specifically to look for suitable training on the topic, or if you have done something similar, can you please advise how you managed it?

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