Auto populate the date field in the web form to todays date

Hi community,

I have question about the date field in the form. I want that the date column in the form by default shows todays date (and updates everyday to show the current date) and the user can change the date if needed in the from itself.

Is this possible?


  • Philip Robbins
    Philip Robbins ✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Rajnandini Agrawal,

    To pre-populate a field in a form you need to append a value for that field to the form URL. For your solution, you could have a helper row that has the standard form URL in it in one cell, then another cell that has today's date written into it every day (a common workflow that has many uses). You could then contatenate them to form the overall URL with something along the lines of:

    ="" + Today@row

    If you then embed a report in a dashboard with just the column containing this concatenated URL, anyone loading the dashboard each day should get a link that pre-populates the Date field with Today's date.

    Does that make sense?

    Others may have better solutions, but that would be one way of achieving it.

  • Hi @Phil Robbins, Thanks for the response. This is helpful. I will try this solution.