Grouping on Reports - Source Column is Dropdown List with Multiple Values allowed

Nick Stamatakis
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I am creating a Report where once I apply my filtering, I need to be able to Group my results based on specific criteria. One of those criteria comes from a source column in a sheet where the column is a Dropdown List that is allowed to have multiple values selected.

When I create the Report, the column with the Dropdown/Multi-select is not an option. This does not allow me to count the number of line items with that characteristic; more specifically, I would expect that if a dropdown list had options A, B, C and I had 3 entries with: (A, C), (B, C), and (A, C) for example, I would be able to see in my report the following counts:

A: 2, B: 1, C: 3

Is there a way to create a Report to take into account a field with multiple values and be able to count those values under each option?

Many thanks in advance!


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