Index Multiple date responses into rows


I have a form where students are providing three dates they want to work. I want their dates to show up on our calendar so I am trying to turn them into rows using this great response thread;

I am able to create multiple rows on my destination sheet, I was able to Index the rows, I just now need to collect the Index out the respective Index dates so it will display and be able to show on my calendar.

My Formula

What I want it to do

However, my Index is returning back as #Incorrect Argument I think because I am using partial column ranges: I want cell references?

I try to add the [] around my Index but it keeps reverting back to the above formula.

I also tried to run it without the column reference and remove the $1 or $2, thinking I could live without it being a column formula and just drag it down as needed; but no change.

I'm really at a loss of the next step or how to reformulate or why my [index]@row is not being recognized.

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