Getting latest multiple entries from cells of another sheet

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Hi all,

I'm trying to get my head around something and am finding it hard to so do.

I have a sheet which can be populated by staff doing audits, using a form. Entries will be as below, newest items on top when using form, current data was entered by my manually for testing purposes:

The goal is to have a dashboard with the latest entries (I prefer latest two actually, but gather that will be much harder) displaying S1 score to S5 score.


Currently Im pulling the the data to a report that filters on "Gebied" (Column name is Gebied which means area) and latest 14days, sorting it by date.

Since I have 7 area's (Gebied) I made 7 report, which I think is not necessary and can be done easier.

I want to have a helper sheet where I can pull the latest (Or latest two) S1 score to S5 score entries per area(gebied). So 7 (or 14 if it is possible to search for latest two entries).

Something like this:

Any thought? I notice I'm having kinda of hard time with 'coding', apperently my head starts spinning when seeing [{,"(=<>- etc.... :S

Not being lazy here, sorry if I come across this way. Haven't found the answers here or using

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