Auto-Populating Form Entries from Documents



Is there a way we could auto-populate form entries? For example, an user uploads a file to the form, then selections are automatically populated from the information on the file (such as project name being included in the file and automatically populated on the form field for "Project name".

or are there any add-ons you are aware of?



  • Ryan Kramer
    Ryan Kramer ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi there!

    Yes, there is a way to auto-populate form entries in Smartsheet. You can use the "DataMesh Add-On" available in the Smartsheet app marketplace. This add-on allows you to map the fields in your form to specific columns in your Smartsheet. When a user uploads a file with relevant information, the add-on will automatically populate the corresponding form fields.

    To set it up, you would need to install the DataMesh Add-On from the app marketplace and then configure the mappings between the form fields and the columns in your sheet. Once it's all set up, the form entries will be auto-populated based on the information in the uploaded files.

    Give it a try and let me know if you have any further questions!

    Best regards,

    Ryan Kramer

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  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee
    edited 02/14/24

    Hi @carlosreyeskpqw841

    I believe @Ryan Kramer may have used an AI service to create a response, but unfortunately that answer is incorrect.

    There currently isn't a way to upload a file to a form and have details from the file populate different fields. You can do the opposite in a sheet where row data can fill in a PDF (see: Document Builder).

    You can also pre-populate a form using the URL query string, see: Use a URL query string to prefill default values on a form

    Please feel free to submit your feature request to the Product team by creating an Idea Post in the Smartsheet Product Feedback and Ideas topic here in the Community. This will allow other users to vote on your enhancement idea!



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