Is there a way to have the contact lists pulled up from the sharepoint?

Sathya Priya
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Is there a way to have the contact lists pulled up from the sharepoint?


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    Hi @Sathya Priya@Sathya Priya,

    Yes, there is a way to synchronize or import contact lists from SharePoint to Smartsheet. This integration involves a few steps and might require the use of third-party tools or services, depending on your specific requirements. Here's a general approach to achieve this:

    Option 1: Using Smartsheet Data Uploader

    If your organization has the Smartsheet Data Uploader, you can automate the process of importing your SharePoint contact lists into Smartsheet. The Data Uploader can connect to SharePoint Online as a source and automatically import data into Smartsheet at scheduled intervals. Here’s how you could set it up:

    1. Set Up SharePoint List: Ensure your contact list is properly formatted and accessible in SharePoint Online.
    2. Configure Data Uploader: In Smartsheet, use the Data Uploader to create a new workflow. Select SharePoint Online as your data source.
    3. Map Fields: Specify which fields from your SharePoint contact list you want to import into Smartsheet and how they should map to columns in Smartsheet.
    4. Schedule Imports: Choose how often you want the Data Uploader to import data from SharePoint.

    Option 2: Manual Export and Import

    If you don't have access to tools like the Data Uploader, you can manually export your contact list from SharePoint and then import it into Smartsheet.

    1. Export from SharePoint: Navigate to your contact list in SharePoint and export the list to Excel.
    2. Prepare the Excel File: Make any necessary adjustments to the Excel file to match Smartsheet's import requirements.
    3. Import into Smartsheet: In Smartsheet, use the "Import" option to import the Excel file into a new sheet or add it to an existing one.

    Option 3: Third-party Integration Tools

    There are third-party integration platforms like Zapier, Workato, or Integromat that can facilitate this process by connecting SharePoint and Smartsheet. These platforms allow for the creation of automated workflows that can transfer data between the two services without manual intervention.

    1. Choose an Integration Platform: Sign up for a service like Zapier, Workato, or Integromat.
    2. Create a Workflow: Set up a new workflow or "Zap" where SharePoint is the trigger (new or updated contact) and Smartsheet is the action (create or update row).
    3. Configure Details: Specify exactly which data should be transferred from SharePoint to Smartsheet and how it should be formatted.
    4. Test and Activate: Run tests to ensure the workflow operates as expected, then activate it for continuous operation.


    • Permissions: Make sure you have the necessary permissions on both SharePoint and Smartsheet to set up integrations or access data.
    • Data Consistency: Regularly check the data for consistency and accuracy after setting up any automated workflows.
    • Security: Be mindful of the security implications when sharing data between platforms, especially with sensitive contact information.

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