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I have a licensed user that has imported my contact .cvs file and is not getting the contacts to populate. I have assigned resources in the sheets that she can't change. What should I check to get her fixed up?


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    Hi @JustinH,

    When you're facing an issue where a licensed user has imported a contact CSV file into Smartsheet and the contacts are not populating correctly, and the user is unable to change assigned resources in the sheets, there are several steps and checks you can perform to troubleshoot and resolve the problem. Here's a structured approach:

    1. Verify the CSV File Format

    • Correct Format: Ensure the CSV file is correctly formatted according to Smartsheet's requirements. The first row should contain column headers that match the field names in the Smartsheet contacts list or sheet columns.
    • Encoding: Check that the CSV file is saved with UTF-8 encoding to prevent any character encoding issues.

    2. Check the Import Process

    • Matching Fields: When importing, the user should map the CSV columns to the corresponding fields in Smartsheet correctly. Incorrect mappings can lead to data not appearing as expected.
    • Permissions: Ensure the user has the necessary permissions to add or modify contacts in Smartsheet. They need to have Admin or Owner permissions on the Contact List if you're using a centralized contact list.

    3. Review Sheet Permissions

    • Sheet Access: Confirm that the user has the appropriate level of access to the sheets where they need to assign resources. They should have Admin access if they need to change resource assignments.
    • Resource Management Permissions: In Smartsheet, resource management features might be restricted based on the user's permissions. Verify that the user has permissions to use Resource Management features if your issue involves assigning resources.

    4. Inspect Resource Assignments

    • Resource List: Check the Resource Management list to ensure the imported contacts are listed as resources. If they're not visible, they cannot be assigned to tasks.
    • Correct Resource Names: Ensure the names in the CSV file match the names in the Smartsheet resource list exactly if you're manually assigning resources based on names.

    5. Smartsheet Settings and Integrations

    • Integrations: If you're using any integrations or automation tools with Smartsheet, ensure they are configured correctly and not interfering with the import or resource assignment processes.

    6. Contact Smartsheet Support

    If after these checks the issue persists, it might be beneficial to contact Smartsheet support. Provide them with detailed information about the steps taken and the issues encountered. They might need specific details like the CSV file, screenshots of the import process, and information on the sheet permissions.

    Additional Tips

    • Trial and Error: Sometimes, re-importing the CSV file after ensuring all settings and formats are correct can solve the issue.
    • Documentation and Forums: Refer to Smartsheet's official documentation and community forums for any known issues or additional troubleshooting steps specific to your scenario.

    By systematically checking these areas, you should be able to identify the root cause of the issue and get your licensed user set up correctly with the imported contacts and resource assignments in Smartsheet.

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