Incorrect Argument Set for MATCH, IF, AND formula

Hi there,

I feel like I'm close to a solution. I'm working in a symbol column that I would like to automate to turn either Gray or Green.

I would like to match a row across different sheets, if specific columns are blank on the other sheet for the match row, I'd like to return a gray symbol, if any one of them is not blank, I'd like to return a green symbol.

I've tried to nest an IF/AND statement into a MATCH operation. I'm getting 'incorrect argument set'.

=MATCH([NCT Number]@row, {NCT}, (IF(AND({Update Expected} = "", {Corrections Expected} = "", {Results Expected} = "", {All Results Expected} = ""), "Gray", "Green")), 0)

Is this figure-out-able?

Thank you!



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