How do I stop the "Needs Update" pop up for Smartsheet?


Hi -

Every day, when I open Smartsheet for the first time, I get a pop up saying that Smartsheet needs to update before continuing. I do the "update" every time, but it still prompts me every single day! It's happened every day for the last few months and I'm tired of it now. Because of it, I'm having to reenter all my login info, rather than just using SSO to login directly.

Has anyone else experienced this, and how do I get it to officially update and stop badgering me?



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  • sheetsmartsarah
    sheetsmartsarah ✭✭✭✭
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    Hi Brad, are you using the desktop app? I have seen this, and other team members have reported the annoying prompt to update the app. My guess is that since it's a new app, they're probably working on regular updates. I have to re-sign in too, but usually my login info is saved.