Automated attachment options

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I am looking for a solution to add an IT Security Assessment template (word or PDF) to an update request or alert based on a condition being met (assessment needed checkbox completed) in the sheet. I have only found options for sending attachments on an update request. I am trying to automate this process and avoid someone having to manually add that IT Security Assessment as an attachment to the new row.

I have also seen there is not good solution as all attachments on a row would be sent and I am not seeing a way to select which attachment you want to include (if I have to go the manual route).


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    HI @jennifer.jessop44491

    Currently no way to separate an attachement from a row and send it as an update request, this would be difficult to implement as attachmens can be added, updated or deleted pre automation. Alerts are just that, nothing comes back from the reader. Could you modify the sheet so fields you would have put on the PDF are now columns for updating?



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