How to put a date and time together in a column?

Hello, i am fairly new to smartsheet and Formulas, i was using a Created date column in Vlookup but looks like that column is in TEXT and is not being read as a Date and time.(maybe i am wrong).

i have managed to use a couple of formulas to bring out the date and time in 2 separate columns, i want to put them together now so it reads as the actual date and time.

for example, the date column has 18/02/24, and Time Column has 10:57 AM. i want the result to be 18/02/24 10:57 AM and it also should read as a date and time value so i can use it to subtract it from other date and time values to calculate the difference and also use in a V lookup formula

i hope this makes sense.🙏



  • Kelly Moore
    Kelly Moore ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hey @Simran Curry

    Smartsheet currently doesn't allow timestamps except in the system Modified and Created columns. The only way to display the timestamp, as you have found, is as a text column. One must manage the date and time separately as you are doing to find durations.

    You can find many time calculations here. Alternatively, this reference may also quickly give you what you need.

    In your lookup formula, since you may have two criteria to evaluate (time and date), consider using an INDEX/COLLECT lookup instead of VLOOKUP. You will have much more versatility anytime vs using VLookup. The Index/Match and Index/Collect are two of the most used functions in smartsheet

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