Forms and Contact List on Intake sheets

KP1981 ✭✭
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We have set up our forms to have the requestor supply their email address. However, how can we have it show on the Intake sheet as their first and last name? Do we need to add a field on the form and the intake sheet to capture this? If we have just their first and last name show up on the sheet, will Comments and Automation based upon the requestor's email still work?


  • Jason P
    Jason P ✭✭✭✭

    Hi @KP1981

    Suggest you add a first and last name columns to the sheet introducing the same on the form. It's good practice to captur someones name correctly, further you could intruduce the titles Mr. Mrs, Him, Her etc.. All of these on a sheet would not affect automation, in fact it would help, for example if sending an ackknowledgment to thier request your notification may start with {{title}}, {{First}} {{Surname}}.

    Hope this helps.


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