Who Completed this Task?


Searched around for answers, I promise! Does anybody have a work around for automatically recording who completed (checkbox column) a given task? We have a large task load each month, and a few users who struggle with technology. Spreadsheets and MSFT Planner couldn't cut it. Set up a SmartSheet with Dynamic views and it's going pretty well. The team only see's their assignments for the month. Because task assignments change (PTO, critical tasks over-due), and some are multi-assigned, I need to automatically record who completed the task for performance tracking purposes. I also need that to be somewhat permanent, so the LastModified column doesn't work, end-of-month automations overwrite that data. Because people constantly complete a task, and realize they checked the wrong task, I do not want to archive the tasks (move to a separate sheet) until the tasks have gone through QA/QC.