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We are looking to move a group of asset inventory tracking to a Smartsheet Workspace. In this workspace I currently have 2 sheets set up. One is the inventory sheet with inventory counts by location. In this sheet each column is a different asset as the row is a location. The goal is to have the inventory counts in each cell change as request forms are filled out on a separate sheet. Has anyone had an experience with something similar to this?


  • AravindGP
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    Hi @imayes

    In the past, I have configured asset management cases in Smartsheet with inventory tracking, but I have used the assets in rows and the columns might be of count, location, last service date, etc. This way, only completely new inventory items are added through a form.

    What is the issue you're facing with your method?



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  • imayes
    imayes ✭✭

    Thank you for your response. The issue we are facing is tracking across locations. The process is going to involve checking inventory out to a job at a site and then tracking when it is returned. We have 3 locations inventory can be checked out from, all with different inventory counts. If someone were to fill out a request on our form, the data will go into a sheet that I am wanting to be linked to the master inventory sheet. The trouble is making the inventory count pull in the master sheet from certain locations based on the location from the request sheet.

    The inventory, in this case, is organized across columns instead of rows because it needs to be set up to be filled out by a form.