How do I sort by next due date in a row report (under project tracking & rollup)?


Not sure how to ask/explain this, but I have a report that has parent and child tasks and want to only show some of them. I am putting together a bi-weekly update but don't want to include all of the child tasks, just the one that is currently being worked on. All child tasks are set in consecutive order (i.e. task 1 starts 2.1.24 and ends 2.15.24, task 2 starts 2.16.24 and ends 3.15.24, etc.) but I'm not sure how to filter it in the row report.

For example: Project 1 could have due dates of 2.14.24, 3.14.24, and 7.29.24 but Project 2 has due dates of 3.7.24 and 6.30.24 so I can't just go based off of X date. Also, some child tasks take 2 weeks or 1 month, some take 3 months. In this case I would want to see Project 1 and child task due 3.14.24 and Project 2 and child task due 3.7.24 ONLY.

I also have tasks that are in the Not Started state that need to be shown so I cannot just filter by state to include On Schedule, Delayed, Blocked, etc.

In summary, I want to see the parent title with the CURRENT child task being worked on, not the rest. How do I filter that?


  • Jason Tarpinian
    Jason Tarpinian ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    If I'm following you, could you set something up like this? Where parent is a helper formula that =COUNT(CHILDREN()). So the filter below would always grab the parent row + any tasks that are currently underway. ("is not in the..." is used so that it captures if that task is starting/ending today)

    You could then put formatting on your parent rows so they'd be easier to see in the report view.

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