Summary formula vs Column formula: Incompatability issue?

I have several grid sheets that have SUMIF summary formulas running.

I’m working on a new sheet that requires I split the date & time that are included in one column. Summary formulas I would ordinarily run on the Program Start Date no longer work. Am I correct in assuming the summary formula will not operate on a column that includes a column formula? Is there a work around for this?


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  • JamesB
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    @Teresa Walters Roszkowski

    You are correct that it will not work on a column formula, because your summary formula is being replaced by your column formula. When I need summaries for columns where I have a column formula, I either put a formula in the sheet summary, or I create a separate cross-reference metric sheet to gather the data. If your data is indented to have Parents/Children, there are some options there for a column type formula with summary. Hope this helps.


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