Group Training Attendance Tracker


Hey All,

I am in the process of creating a training sign in sheet that tracks the attendance of employees who attend group trainings in smartsheet. I would like to create a form that could be used at multiple facilities. The employees who attend will vary based on training topic, training session (may have multiple sessions that cover same training topic) and facility. Typically we print a paper form and have a manager write down all the names of who attended that training (picture below). I am stuck on the best way to do this in Smartsheet.

I have the columns for Date, Subject, Trainer, Employees (Department), SOP References, & Topics Discussed figured out. Where I am struggling is how to capture employee names on who attended. Do I create a drop down list with all names and then they select who is there (Have over 300 employees so this would be difficult to manage) or do I have managers type out every single name of an employee who is there? If they type is out that would create a lot of names in one column on the grid view.

Keep in mind some trainings may only have 5 people that need to attended, others may have 50 who need to attended - who is required to attend is all based on training topics and who that topic is applicable to.

Any suggestions appreciated!