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Auto float based on start dates

It is still setup that the only way you can set future start dates is to manually enter float relative to preceding tasks. This creates a lot of problems where if an earlier task runs late or starts date, and you adjust the start date or finish date, it then moves the start date that may be occurring weeks or months later. If that is not noticed, then you can have a cascading effect of incorrect dates, rather than a reduction of float.

This is a big headache, that most other project management tools seem to have already resolved.

To clarify, the preference would be, I can manually set a start date for Task A. I could manually set a start date for Task B. I could then set B as a dependency of A, and Smartsheet would auto calculate the float. If I adjust A, as long as it doesn't physically overlap with B (assuming a FS dependency), B stays at the previously set schedule.

Please look into resolving this. It's a big headache.

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