Block of Rows Seemingly Moving by themselves


We are having an issue with rows seemingly moving on their own. Usually it is 2 -5 rows. We do have multiple users of the same sheet. AT first I thought it might be the one computer makes the change and doesn't save and the other computer makes a change and saves thus overwriting the 1st computers changes.

This however doesn't seem to be the case. The rows that move aren't necessarily ones that have just been moved. Strangely enough they do seem to be 2 -5 rows that were originally together in their previously location.

I have checked recent activity but am not able to come any conclusions.


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @LindseySch

    It does sound like this may be related to something called a "merge-save" where multiple users are in the sheet at the same time and make changes at the same time.

    To minimize merge save incidents:

    • Be aware of the multi-user icons when there are multiple collaborators editing a sheet at once
    • Communicate with collaborators and use the Highlight Changes
    • Save frequently
    • When prompted by the popup, save and refresh your sheet

    If you're certain this isn't the issue, please contact Smartsheet Support with the Sheet URL and the date and time you last saw this happen.