Cross Sheet Reference limitation with less than 60 references

Hi community.

I'm trying to update formulas that came in a template because I find the naming scheme horrendous and off-putting. For those wondering, it's the "Staff Plan Management" template and the references are off by one digit across all W1 through W52 references, and it's irritating. For example, W1 will be "Project Staffing Range 2" and W2 will be "Project Staffing Range 3". WHO DOES THAT?! A crazy person, that's who.

Any ways, I was going through each reference from the cell level and I was changing the "Person4" to "Person@row" so it's consistent. As I was changing them to person at row, I would highlight the default reference, Edit Reference, and change the name to something simpler, like "Staff-W1" or "Staff-W2".

Fast forward all the way down to W46, I get the error message that I can't create any new references because this sheet has exceeded the maximum number of references. Screenshot:

Two things here. 1) I'm not trying to create, I'm "updating". There is a solid difference. 2) I didn't realize that "updating" references just made a "copy" and renamed it. I tried this both in the Smartsheet Desktop App and in a web browser, but the behavior remains the same.

Alright, so I tried deleting all the now "unused" references. That should do it, right? Delete 48 references. Yea let's do it! Done. Sure it shows I only have 53 references, but it still will not let me "update" the last handful of references:

Here's the strangest part. If I were to close and reopen the sheet, refresh it, go to the folder level and come back to the sheet, etc. all the deleted references come back.

It's like it is not syncing that I actually deleted these references even though I have saved the sheet a many of times. What is going on, how can I fix it, and why is this being so... annoying? It's Friday, for crying out loud, today is supposed to be easy!


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