Sum cells in varying column length with if-then?

Not sure if this is possible. Column can vary from 2 to X cells

A couple of scenarios:

A column two cells with 12 and 14. Total is 26. In the resultant cell 16 is inserted. (any sum of 17 or greater the number 16 is inserted)

A column has a number of cells that total 14. Seeing that the number is less than 16 the actual number of 14 is inserted.

A formula that sums a group of cells in a column selected, sums that group. If =<16 is inserted in resultant cell. 1f sum =>17 then 16 is inserted in resultant cell.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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    You can use an IF function to do this.

    =IF(SUM([column name]:[column name])>=17,16,SUM([column name]:[column name]))

    If the sum of the column is greater than or equal to 17 return 16, if not return the sum of the column.


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