Copied a form and combined answers


I created a form to invite people to an event and then copied it. The new one is for a different event intended for different people, but I couldn't find the sheet, yet the form is active. If I search for it by name, it doesn't show up.

The answers I'm getting from the copy are being submitted into the first sheet with the name of that form, not the one it's being completed by people.

I can't find the way to undo this without deleting the forms and creating two forms from scratch, which would make me lose all information from registrangs thus far (60+ inputs). Please, advise.




  • KPH
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    Hi @mcper

    Forms are UI layers that sit on top of sheets. They are another way to allow users to populate your sheet with data. To create a form you select or create a sheet first and add a form to it. If you duplicate the form you create another form that is still linked to the same sheet. You will not create a new sheet by copying a form.

    If you want to create a second sheet with a form that looks like the first you don't need to start from scratch. You can copy the original sheet (which will include its form) and then delete any rows from the copied sheet so you can reuse it.

    You could also use two forms with one sheet and identify which form was used by adding a hidden field to each form. That hidden field could contain a form ID. This will then be added to the sheet so you can filter results based on the form used.

    If you have a mix of data in your sheet from the two forms you might be able to identify which is which based on the timestamp (which can be added retrospectively).