Moving rows to another sheet

McAfee Electric Mgr
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I am trying to set up an automation where rows are moved to different sheets based on an account number. I have 4 set up just fine but I have 3 more that when I go to choose the sheet I want it moved too, it's not available. I am the owner of all the sheets and all sheets were created more than a week ago.

I tried to submit a support ticket twice but when I go back in to check the status, the ticket is no longer there. Like it's been removed .


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @McAfee Electric Mgr

    Is it possible that when you're searching for the other sheets the keyword you're using isn't quite correct? I would personally suggest copy/pasting the sheet name into the search bar versus a keyword, if you know exactly what sheet it should go to.

    If that hasn't helped, I checked in with Support and they mentioned they emailed a response to you on 26th of February. Please email them back with the sheet URLs that you cannot find in the sheet picker, along with a video recording of how you're searching for the sheet(s).

    Thank you!