Assigning to a group of people


Would it be feasible to assign a task to a group of people? I am not asking to assign a task to multiple people, but just to a group.

To have more background: in our company we have around 15 scripters (they program our questionnaires on an online platform). So if project managers want to assign a task to the group, they don't want to fill out the full group of 15 scripters. It would be helpful if they can just enter the group in there. After that, the group can decide which individual scripter can work on it. Hence, they will re-assign the task to 1 individual.



  • CBlass
    CBlass ✭✭✭✭

    Others may have more relevant experience with this, but I think the answer may depend on how you plan for them to interact with the sheet after that point. If you just want them to be notified of this assignment and/or complete update requests, you could create a group email for that team outside of Smartsheet and then create a contact with that group email in Smartsheet to assign the task to. The actual user who then gets the assignment could complete an update request to reassign it to themselves which would allow them to interact with the task in the sheet. However, you would need to be careful that the automation permissions do not cause issues since this group would not be a real user, so they are not in your Smartsheet account.

    Alternatively, you could create a Smartsheet user that is tied to that email address where all of those individuals have access, like a service account, but depending on how you log into Smartsheet (SSO, for example) that could be difficult, or it could cause these users to have to log in and out regularly to access both views.