How to link a column to a different sheet that auto populates when new rows are added?

I'm trying to do a workaround to adding multiple rows from the same form. I created a new sheet that has columns for requests 1-10. I want to pull certain columns from that sheet to move to a new sheet and then I can use a workflow to transfer that to my main sheet. I've created an ID column that autogenerates a number as a unique identifier for the sheet the form goes into. on the second sheet I am using the formula =INDEX({Date Requested}, MATCH([Row ID]@row, {Row ID Helper}, 0)). The "Date Requested" is the column name from the first sheet that I need the information from. "Row ID" is the column name on both sheets that the unique identifier is in. My starting number is 01. This formula works on pulling the information through 09. Once the number is 10, it returns with #NO MATCH, even when there is a 10 on the other sheet. How can I fix this, or what am I doing wrong?


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    Can you share screen shots of both sheets? It is odd that it stops at 10. I wonder if you have leading zeroes in one list and not the other so you are matching 09 with 09 but then 010 with 10. That's a guess. If you can share an image of the sheet (hiding any information you don't want to share) someone might be able to spot the issue.

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