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Allow Sheet Owner to UNDO Unwanted Actions from Activity Log

Sometimes, mistakes happen and someone may adjust column properties, names or other sheet functionality that the owner may not want. Maybe the person who made the changes meant to make them on a COPY of the sheet and accidentally made them to a master sheet (we recently had a similar scenario happen). It would be GREAT if a sheet owner had the ability to look through the activity log and click "Undo" on any of these unwanted actions. Even if this is just available for actions taken in a 24-hour period, it would be great!

NOTE: We do archive copies of our sheet and we know about the "Request Snapshot" feature, but that really only helps when data is what needs restoration. If it's anything related to the structure of the sheet (column name, column properties, automations, formulas, etc., then a snapshot doesn't help us). In the scenario mentioned above, we had to manually go in and adjust everything back by going line by line on the activity log. An Undo button would have saved HOURS of work.

Thanks in advance!

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