How do I go about automatically pulling up suggested previous requests based on current request?

My team has a smartsheet to organize technical support requests. Sometimes these requests are part of the same project. We have the option in our form for the user to list previous relevant request but it doesn't get filled all the time as it could be a different person asking or they just don't remember. What I'd like to have in my smartsheet is just some way to show possible relevant requests or a quick filter on the project name/partial project name. That way I can see who's worked on this project, see if the previous request would affect my current response, and just get a bigger scope of what's happening. Maybe I can just get these recommended relevent requests as a email notification along with my assigned request. I just want the suggested request to be easily shown to me and/or the requester.


  • Julie Fortney
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    Are there keywords you could look for in the request and add a column with a formula to tag those keywords? If so, you could then create another column that would return the Row ID (or other unique ID) for rows that have the same keywords included. In this example, I'm only returning the Row IDs for rows with the exact same keywords included, so you might want to tweak this depending on your setup.

    Row ID is an auto number column, but you could make this any unique ID such as a ticket number.

    Description is entered by your user.

    Issue column formula: =IF(CONTAINS("ET", Description@row), "ET") + CHAR(10) + IF(CONTAINS("Salesforce", Description@row), "Salesforce") + CHAR(10) + IF(CONTAINS("Vista", Description@row), "Vista")

    Char(10) is the character code for a line break, which creates separate values in a multi-select dropdown column.

    Related Rows column formula: =JOIN(COLLECT([Row ID]:[Row ID], [Issue - Formula generated]:[Issue - Formula generated], [Issue - Formula generated]@row), ", ")

    There are a lot of different ways you could do this; this is just one idea to get you started.

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