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I am hoping someone may be able to help me.

In this example I have two sheets (sheet A and B). On sheet B I have parent rows with child actions which vary depending on which team is using the document.

If someone inputs data into sheet A under a particular team, is there a way to set up an automation to copy the child rows from Sheet B into Sheet A?

I understand how to copy from a sheet to another sheet but how do I reverse this from a sheet to the current sheet where the change has occurred?

Huge thanks in advance for any help you may be able to give or an alternative solution to this problem.


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    To automate the copying of child rows you are go to make over this with Workflows or you can also try using Smartsheet's API combined with a custom script or integration which is a bti complex than the Workflows

    So real quick will brief on the basic steps:

    You can playaround to accomplish and am sure you can, since it is super easy.

    -> "Automation" tab in Smartsheet and click on "Create Workflow.

    Set the trigger for when the workflow should be triggered

    -> The workflow to be triggered when data is input into Sheet A. 

    You can opt from options such as 'When a row is added or updated'

     or 'When a specific cell changes'

    -> In this case, you want to copy the child rows from Sheet B to Sheet A use the "Copy row(s)" action and configure

    -> Also set conditions to filter which child rows are copied based on specific criteria if needed

    -> Once you've configured the workflow, save it and activate it to start the automation process

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