smartsheet webhooks - how to move from ngrok to server solution


Hi there,

I am building webhooks through the API in Python and I have a fundamental question about the strategy to adopt.

I already through the documentation

and managed to test the code locally generating callback URLs with ngrok.

The webhooks are designed to update our smartsheet sheets when some actions are performed. Of course to have this code running on a local machine is not ideas. Therefore the next step is o move my code to a server based solution.

Could you provide suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your help


PS I already looked into Bridge, but we cannot purchase a Bridge license.


  • Lee Joramo
    Lee Joramo ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Running a simple webhook service behind ngrok can be a valid solution. Although you will want to run it on a server, and not a your personal workstation computer. If you were to continue to use ngrok for production use, I would certainly upgrade to a paid level of service.

    For more advice, I would need a lot more information.

    • Do you have the infrastructure to run a Python web server?
    • Are you running this on Linux? Windows? Other? Open to suggestions?
    • Do you have a web server such as Apache or Nginx that will be running in front of your Python program?
    • Do you want/need to run this "In-House" or "Hosted" somewhere else?
    • Does your Python program need to access other servers such as your SQL server for data, or is it a fully self contained program
    • How active do your expect your webhooks to be? And how mission critical is it to your organizations usage of Smartsheet?
    • Do you have much experience with any of this? (I will try to advise you accordingly)