Combine columns in destination sheet based on record ID



On Sheet A sheet I have Record ID column, then column A, B, and C. All columns are text/number.

On Sheet B, I would like to match and combine columns A, B, and C based on the Record ID. Please see example:

I've tried INDEX/MATCH and JOIN formulas, but keep getting #INVALID VALUE errors.

=INDEX(JOIN({Address:Zip}, ""), MATCH([Record ID]@row, {Record ID}, 0))

Thanks in advanced!

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  • SteyJ
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    Try this:

    =INDEX({Address}, MATCH([Record ID]@row, {Record ID}, 0)) + ", " + INDEX({ZIP}, MATCH([Record ID]@row, {Record ID}, 0))

    You will want to have an index match for each column you are doing this instead of a range of columns


    Jacob Stey